Jonathan goes on ALPHAbrain for 30 days and reports the interesting results.

I noticed that sometimes AlphaBRAIN seems to make me, umm, gassy. This seems to happen frequently if I take it in the morning while drinking coffee. Not a big problem though since I’m trying to decrease my coffee intake anyway. Hopefully we’ll get some feedback from some other reviewers on this. 

During the time I was on AlphaBrain I was very productive in my business and made excellent progress towards two large new years resolutions of mine. I cannot say that this was a direct result of taking AlphaBrain but it is interesting to note that a highly productive time of my life coincided with me taking AlphaBrain.

Under suggested use it recommends taking 1-2 capsules. I tried upping the dosage several times and it didn’t seem to make much a difference.

One thing to note the pill container is rather small but it does contain 30 capsules. When I got it I thought it looked small so I actually poured out the capsules and counted them to makes sure they were all there.

While I didn’t experience any ‘Limitless pill’ NZT like effects from AlphaBrain I’m confident that it does have a positive mental effect on your brain. Overall I did feel slightly sharper while on it than off it. If AlphaBrain was the only nuerotrophic supplement on the market I would continue to order it every month. Since it’s not I’m going to try some of the other nuerotrophic supplements out there, and see what kind of comparative results I get. I will be ordering Onnit’s other product New Mood as well.

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